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The BioRinse™ Technology…enhancing fusion

BioRinse™ is a proprietary processing technology utilizing “advance science” developed by CellRight Technologies® designed to preserve native bone morphogenic proteins (BMP’s) that provide the necessary signals to mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) during osteogenesis. BioRinse™ includes a validated low-dose, low temperature sterilization step in combination with multiple proprietary rinsing agents designed to lysis and remove cellular components associated with disease transmission. Unlike other industry-wide manufacturing processes, BioRinse™ does not include the use of chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or high levels of gamma irradiation both known to kill bone morphogenic proteins (BMP’s) while producing a sterile graft with a Sterility Assurance Level of 10 -6

#1 Selling Product, Winter Special

Cortical/Cancellous Allograft

  • Wide mouth jar
  • Screw top lid
  • 2 chip sizes – .125-.850um and .250 – 1000um

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